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Ecosystem Ventures LLC., is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital investment and strategic consulting firm that is dedicated to building sustainable companies around significant technologies and innovative business ideas.  We focus primarily, but not exclusively, on companies that are based in Europe or have strong European ties. We invest in companies during the seed round and work with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses until the first large institutional investment (Series A).


To add maximum value to our portfolio companies, we invest more than just capital. We put our time, resources, business expertise, and entrepreneurial vision into each portfolio company and recruit the best scientific, management, and advisory talent available to ensure success and accelerate time to market. Our global ecosystem of investment and industry contacts provides a network of additional support to our portfolio companies. By working closely with our portfolio companies and taking on leading roles in corporate development, marketing, and finance, we create lasting companies that are successful beyond borders.


Our Philosophy and European Focus


European universities are among the world’s foremost in engineering innovation, but proportionately spawn the world’s fewest successful spin-offs. This is due to a lack of early-stage venture capital from without and a dearth of entrepreneurial direction from within. Ecosystem Ventures actively seeks out exciting new technologies and innovative business ideas and provides them with capital, support, and (most importantly) entrepreneurial guidance. Through our sustained support and services we seed compelling companies in high-potential markets and help them to grow from the ground up. At Ecosystem Ventures we helpEuropean innovation impact the world in real, significant, and lasting ways.


Business Consulting Support and Services


Ecosystem Ventures provides business consulting support and services in the American, Indian, and European markets. For more information about our consulting services please visit the services tab of our website.




















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