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Ecosystem Ventures provides capital, resources, and entrepreneurial vision to seed- and very early-stage companies. We like to invest in new, rapidly growing markets where customers have enthusiasm for the company's products. We work closely with you, the entrepreneur, to develop your company from the idea stage to the first large institutional investment. After this point, we decrease our involvement to allow more specialized firms to navigate you through following growth stages of your company.

If you would like to build a company around a business idea or if you are currently in the early phases of company development and would like to talk with us about it, please send an executive summary, which includes the information below, or a standard corporate power point presentation to info@ecosystemventures.com. More contact information is available under the contact us section of our website.

An Executive Summary should contain the following information:

  • The problem you will solve
  • The target audience who has the problem
  • Business and Marketing Strategy
  • Market Potential
  • Key Competitive Advantages
  • Competition
  • Size of required Investment
  • Description of the Product or Service
  • Brief History of the Company
  • Summary of Key Management
  • Summary of Financial Statements and Projections


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