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Speech is the most natural interface for human communication, and devices that talk will soon make many of our daily tasks easier. SVOX AG specializes in state-of-the-art text-to-speech (TTS) software that aims to develop synthetic voices that are indistinguishable from a human voice. Using proprietary algorithms SVOX makes computers and other electronic devices talk by converting written text into natural-sounding and easily comprehensible speech. SVOX features an innovative architecture that is unique. It separates the voice-generating modules from the language-analysis modules and therefore makes it possible to mix different languages in one single sentence using the same voice, SVOX is the only system worldwide that allows this feature. With a wide variety of applications in Telecom, Automotive, Government/Enterprise, and Consumer markets, SVOX is fast becoming the leader in TTS innovations.

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Microventures LLC

MicroVentures is an investment bank for startups. We conduct due diligence on startups and then if approved we help them raise capital from angel investors. Our process of raising capital is similar to crowdfunding. We give angel investors the ability invest small amount of capital to crowd fund a startup raising capital. The concept is similar to peer to peer lending but instead of debt you get equity for your investment.

MXD3D Inc.

3D printing will change the way objects are being created, manufactured and delivered. Mixed Dimensions is leading the way in this new industrial revolution by allowing anyone to design and print their favorite items and to utilize these objects in your life. We are working on making it simple for you to be able to take your idea from a thought to a design to finally a real life object.




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Inpher Inc.

Inpher provides a framework for securely operating on encrypted cloud unstructured data, starting with search. Users can search and retrieve ranked results on their data without the cloud service provider knowing the query of the results.

Weft Inc.

Weft™ is a global logistics data company that combines sensors and supply chain analytics to help businesses gain real-time asset intelligence, reduce disruption and improve operational productivity. For true end-to-end transparency, Weft™ uses every piece of data available, through proprietary sensors and external sources, to weave a comprehensive picture and enable smarter logistics.


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BlueFox Inc.

For a retail store or any other brick-and-mortar location that wants to know who is visiting or is in proximity. BlueFox detects and analyzes the mobile phones of any visitors in real-time, seamlessly without any installed software on the device and initiates targeted actions. BlueFox is unlike any other solutions which rely on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apps, … and capture only a portion of the traffic. Without any past action from the mobile phone user, BlueFox will track in real-time its presence and will convert traffic information into action.



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L.E.S.S. SA - Nano Fiber Lighting Systems Logo


L.E.S.S. (“Light Efficient Systems”) introduces the next generation of distributed lighting systems as a new alternative to today's LEDs or discharge tubes. Based on an active nanostructured fiber of the thickness of a human hair, our technology generates high quality light that exhibits both ultra-uniformity and brightness characteristics, surpassing today's quality standards. In addition, the thinness of our fiber offers a high integration potential and unlimited design potential.

OpenPeak Inc.

OpenPeak offers a comprehensive software platform that enables enterprise management of employees' personal mobile devices, company-liable devices, applications, voice and data services. Our platform is provided as a white-label enterprise mobility management solution and offered through carriers to enterprise and SMB customers.



Cleanify Inc.

Cleanify is solving the fragmentation of the cleaning industry by giving local service providers the exposure and tools to build businesses. Our vision is a platform to start or grow a service business. Cleanify brings every cleaning service on demand. Access real-time pricing & availability of every service provider serving your area. Cleaning partners are offered a new revenue channel, free service management tools and more!




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Squirro AG

With Squirro, we are building on our proven history in note-taking and web search technology. We are the team behind Memonic, the all-in-one, mobile to desktop app to clip, save and share web content in a personal online notebook. Launched in 2009, Memonic has racked up numerous awards, including Computer Bild’s best mobile app for 2011, runner-up at Salesforce.com’s Appquest '11 competition, and finalist for Best App Ever Award in 2011.

Now, we are beyond excited to launch the next generation of digital research and content curation — Squirro. Broader than feeds and more specific than search, Squirro scans multiple sources from Internet channels and social media, private databases and even internal systems, such as Salesforce.com and SAP, to find the most relevant information on your topic of interest, then updates it continuously and automatically. The result is a living collection of content you can save, synthesize and share with friends and colleagues in your own private workspace.


Formula VC (UK)      ZKB - StartseiteCrossContinentalVentures    Nibbana Capital Ltd




Checkbook Inc.

Checkbook developed a platform for the quickest way to transfer money.  Now you can send digital checks in two easy steps. Simply enter the receiver’s name, email address and check amount then enter your banking information. It’s that simple. Check recipients are able to deposit the check directly online or request a printed check. It's easy, fast, reliable, secure and hassle free! Billion's of checks are still written every year and we are disrupting this century old tradition.

Facebook Inc.

Founded in February 2004, Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information through the social graph, the digital mapping of people's real-world social connections. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment. Facebook is a part of millions of people’s lives all around the world. It is a privately-held company, headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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Appstores Inc.

A White-Label Appstore Platform
Showing developers love by empowering platforms to showcase apps, enabling publishers to curate apps, and creating effective distribution channels for developers.


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cloudGuide S.A

CloudGuide provides museums with a better solution to engage visitors, reduce costs and boost revenues.
CloudGuide is a platform with a range of value added services for museums. Museums will from now on also be able to obtain reports with relevant statistical data regarding the amount of audio guide users, the time they spend at each exhibit, the route they follow and their performance in comparison to other museums.

Zubio Inc.

Zubio Inc. has developed a unique form of massage, based upon Japanese acupressure, that uses a special chair, allowing people to receive a massage whilst being clothed and seated. Zubio`s mission is to make the benefits of massage accessible to everyone. Professional table massage has enormous physical and mental benefits – but it`s rarely affordable for most people. And since it often requires clients to undress, get covered in oils, and schedule an hour or more out of their day, it is hardly convenient. As a result, regular table massage remains outside the reach – both financially and psychologically – of many people. Zubio aims to transform massage from being a rare luxury into a readily accessible, integral part of people`s health and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Zubio did not make it pass the 2008 recession.




Draft Inc.

40 million people play fantasy sports. There are 200 million sports fans in America. And until now, there hasn't been a fantasy game built for mobile. Draft (live in the app store: get.playdraft.com) is the first truly mobile fantasy game. Think Words with Friends for Fantasy, but with real money. On Draft you can do quick, simple head-to-head drafts with your friends (or random opponents). And you can play for and win real money doing it. Drafts last for a week (for football) or a day (the other sports) and you can do them any time.



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Angel List

AngelList is a platform for startups—started by the dudes who do Venture Hacks.




MixRank Inc.

MixRank is a spy tool for contextual and display ads. With MixRank you can see exactly where your competitors are buying traffic and which ad copy is performing best for them across over 93,000 Google AdSense sites. You can use MixRank to watch your competitors spend money testing different ads and traffic sources, see which ones worked best, and use that data to build your own campaign.




StarStreet Inc

StarStreet.com is a sports stock market. On StarStreet's simple person-to-person trading platform (starstreet.com/trading) you can invest in players and make real money based on their performance. If you're a sports fan, StarStreet is your best way to put your money where your mouth is, and make real money, in a really fun way.

StarStreet, an officially licensed product of the NFL Players, Inc., was founded by Jeremy Levine and is backed by SV Angel (Ron Conway's firm), Ecosystem Ventures,  Jarrod Yuster (Merrill Lynch's ex-head of electronic and global trading), Rishi Nangalia (Goldman Sachs' head of trading product), TechStars and a strong group of individual angel investors and advisors.


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SchooLa Inc.

This year, 79% of school districts across the country are expecting funding cuts. Last year, 77% of school districts across the country experienced funding cuts. We’ve seen 120 school districts move to four-day school weeks to save on transportation and utility costs. Here in California, a survey found that nearly half of all school districts last year cut or reduced art, drama and music programs.Let’s make fundraising easy. Let’s keep the money in the community and help local businesses and schools benefit each other. Let’s stop finding space to store cans of popcorn and figuring out ways to keep hundreds of tubs of cookie dough refrigerated. Let’s help parents participate by saving money on the things they already do.
As Internet industry veterans, we believe we can bring innovation to an area that seriously needs it. Contact SchooLa!!





Veenome is a video enabling platform — translating video content into machine-readable data for superior organization, publishing, searching and monetization. Utilizing video recognition technology, Veenome discovers products, objects, and brands in popular online videos. These objects are automatically tagged and indexed as advertising inventory for display in video and on sites. Imagine every YouTube video featuring an iPhone including a link to the highest bidding ecommerce site. That’s Veenome.


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Storefront Inc.

A marketplace for short-term retail space. We make it incredibly easy for brands to launch short-term pop-up shops, by unlocking the best of the 1.6 billion vacant square feet of retail space in the U.S. today.



visual.ly Inc.


The world's largest community for sharing infographics and data visualizations. Visualizations are powerful, but they’ve required time and hard work to create -- until now. You no longer need expensive software, extensive design skills, or number crunching ability. We’re building a tool that will allow everyone to quickly and easily create professional quality designs with their own data. And when you’re ready to show your work to the world, publish it on your Visual.ly profile, your own personal showcase.



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investiere facilitates direct investments by private investors in non-listed Swiss companies. In contrast to crowdfunding companies, investiere is a hybrid model that combines the established practices of traditional venture capital with elements of e-finance and social media. All start-ups featured on the site go through a rigorous due diligence process and investors are able to choose the start-up that sparks their unique interest.


PowerInbox Inc.

PowerInbox brings the app experience to email. Email apps (which we affectionately call "PowerApps") make your emails more useful by letting you perform actions inside the email itself.
A Facebook email lets you comment back on a photo, a Groupon email shows a live countdown to expiry or a Twitter email lets you tweet and follow back. We're building more apps for all your favorite services, but would love to hear of any apps that you want us to build for you.




Attolight AG

As experts in electron microscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy, our scientific tools bring ultrafast measurements to the nanoworld. Attolight's proprietary technology overcomes the intrinsic limitation of ultrafast optical measurement techniques, enabling scientists and researchers to achieve nanometer spatial resolution and picosecond temporal resolution - simultaneously. A true scientific breakthrough.
Our innovative technology was developed at the Institute of Quantum Electronics and Photonics of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). It is the result of almost ten years of research and development.




Gladiator Entertainment

Over 8 million tourists visit Rome every year. These people want to hear stories about the Gladiators. With our Gladiator Show we will offer tourists full entertainment with captivating battles in an authentic arena. The engagement of the actors with the audience will guarantee a unique experience.

Partnerships with hotels, restaurants, visitor centers and governments are planned. In future an expansion to other cities will be targeted. The location is planned near the coliseum or a historic venue.



Nanotion AG

Using a unique to be patent-protected laser-based technology platform, nanotion Inc. is a commercial manufacturer of analytical devices for the full characterization of nanoparticles in real time of nano-enabled liquid consumer and industrial products. nanotion Inc. provides technical solutions for water, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to be used for production monitoring processes and end-product quality control purposes. nanotion Inc. is a spin-off company of ETH Zurich.


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shopbot Inc.

Shopobot.com is a new way for people to save money on things like cameras, games, and sports equipment - while shopping at the stores they already know and trust. Shopobot works by tracking the surprisingly frequent price changes at popular stores, and identifies the best time and place to buy. Many consumers are unaware of the amount of price volatility online, and over-pay because they make their purchases at the wrong time. Shopobot intends to change that by bringing transparency and independent analysis to online shopping.




Autonet Mobile Inc.


 Founded in Marin County, CA in 2005, Autonet Mobile provides the first Always-On Broadband Internet service for cars. By providing broadband Internet services and always-on Wi-Fi connectivity nationwide, Autonet Mobile will soon extend the power of the Internet to the 150 million vehicles on the road today.

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The Graphicly platform offers automated self-publishing by converting, distributing and promoting image-based digital content across the most popular consumer mobile and eBook marketplaces including the Apple iOS Newsstand and iBookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, Amazon Kindle store, Facebook and many others, while streamlining the work flow, reducing production costs significantly and providing authors and publishers detailed real-time analytics. As the only platform that optimizes image-based content, Graphicly is uniquely poised to take advantage of the $23 billion publishing market, including the more than 300,000 self-published authors expected to produce a graphical work this year.



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Simplibuy is an India-based technology company with roots in Silicon Valley involved in creation of a social hyperlocal price information system.

WiC is a web 2.0 consumer product providing consumers with the best price available in a given geography and displaying best markets and stores on a map.





Spectralus Corporation

Spectralus manufactures components that enable commercial lasers to generate blue and green light for use in multi-billion dollar consumer and commercial markets. Through a patent-pending process and technology, Spectralus converts near-infrared compact lasers to high power, long-lifetime sources of continuous-wave (CW) and pulsed blue and green light. Lasers developed using Spectralus’ technology have the required characteristics and low cost to enable the emergence of new consumer electronics mass-market opportunities. Multi billion dollar consumer and commercial markets such as TV, Projector, DVD, Printer, Medical and Biotech devices, will soon slash manufacturing costs and vastly increase revenue through the affordability, power, and lifetime characteristics of lasers developed with Spectralus’ technology.


                                                                                                                           Acquired by: 
                                                                                                                          S-Group Capital Management (sgcm.ru)

Zikon Inc.

Zikon’s nanotechnology based electronic Ink enables next generation flat and flexible displays for the new multi-billion dollar wave of consumer and commercial applications ranging from TVs, Cell phones, Lap-tops to electronic labels and toys. Zikon Inc. will enable our partners and customers to produce low cost highly reflective Flat Panel Displays through application of proven, patented technology and processes. Zikon’s Ink is energy efficient, highly reflective, and can integrate readily with current LCD manufacturing processes.


Lagotek’s mission is to make Home Intelligence Platform (HIP) a standard feature of every new or remodeled home. By definition it includes the automatic or remote control of home heating, air conditioning, lighting, home entertainment (audio, video), security (locks, alarms, cameras and third party security systems) convenience appliances (irrigation, garage doors, intercom, alarm clocks, motorized shades, etc.) and home communications (wireless and wire-line telephony, SMS and multimedia messaging).

Lagotek has developed an inexpensive open software product. Simple and accessible, Lagotek HIP system defeats major barriers that previously have prevented a widespread adoption of home automation solutions in mass market. These barriers include the high costs of purchase and installation and the excessive complexity of existing systems. Today Lagotek offers a reliable home automation system that can be used by all family members with ease. Unlike its predecessors, Lagotek revolutionary wireless solutions are also affordable to middle class homeowners.


Illumenix Inc.

Based out of San Francisco, Illumenix Inc. is a fast growing technology provider of video analytics. It was started with the purpose of developing an internet video analytics service for websites and marketers. It helps websites gather business intelligence on consumer viewing behavior and demographic breakdown of their audience. For video publishers, Illumenix Inc. provides services that help you increase your user base and revenue. For marketers and advertisers, Illumenix Inc. works with you to track media, measure audience and improve your advertising.




Trinity Ventures

Knights Bridge Capital          


Acquired by: TubeMogul

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PlaySpan Inc.

PlaySpanTM (formerly Tradeits Inc.) is the game industry’s first publisher-sponsoredTM in-game commerceTM network. PlaySpan’s patent-pending in-game search, commerce and micropayment technologies enables game publishers and developers to generate new revenues, acquire new users and extend the loyalty of existing users. Leading game providers and virtual world publishers have selected PlaySpan as their official marketplace for virtual goods commerce.


                Novel TMT Ventures  


 Acquired by: 



Collanos AG

Collanos offers dispersed teams free, intuitive and transparent collaboration solutions. Team members access their shared work spaces locally on their computers, communicate with their colleagues using existing channels, and Collanos’ peer-to-peer technology keeps members’ work spaces in sync. Furthermore, users are able to create their own objects and templates and share them with others. At the core of Collanos’ technology, and installed on each team member’s computer, is a team environment and transparent knowledge store that define and organize the content of each work space, supporting structured data, such as tasks and notes, and unstructured data, such as files. Work spaces automatically and transparently synchronize amongst team members’ computers when online. Collanos is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux and will soon be available on smart mobile devices. A combined Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Web-based architecture forms the technological foundation and competitive differentiator of the Collanos solution. The company has invested over 15 man-years in the development of a proprietary technology stack, which includes the multi-peer-to-peer client platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux), presence management, optimized synchronization, web-hosted architecture, support for Smart Mobile Clients, support for industry-specific templates, and a proprietary customization tool. The product is developed in Java on top of open-source software components.




Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee, Inc. is a specialty coffee retailer with cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Philz offers its own specialized blends of coffee along with a customized and personal customer service experience.



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Pure Swiss Water AG

One of the world’s most abundant natural resources is quickly becoming a precious and scarce commodity. Experts believe water will be the next oil crisis. Pure Swiss recognizes this issue, and bottles premium mineral water from the abundance of natural springs that can be found in and around the Swiss Alps. Pure Swiss plans to export mineral water to the United States, India, China, and other selected markets.



MamaMancini's is a manufacturer and distributor of a line of all natural, beef meatballs with sauce, turkey meatballs with sauce, chicken meatballs with sauce, pork meatballs with sauce, and other similar Italian products.
MamaMancini's Holdings, Inc. is a publicly traded company available for trading under the stock symbol MMMB


Oasis Media Corporation

Oasis Media Corporation is building a service and technology platform to offer the ability to purchase
any magazine, publication, newspaper, or book, in any language, at any location, on demand. This is
accomplished through an ecosystem of software & hardware across a global network which houses,
sorts, and serves publications on request into remote retail kiosk environments. We can recreate most
publications to a near circulation quality within a 2-3 minute window. We are targeting as users, three
major segments of the market; Publishers, Advertisers, and Retail segment s including: Hospitality /
Food Service / Travel Verticals.




Dekko was founded on the belief that society is entering an amazing transition in how they experience their technology. Smartphones and Tablets have ushered in the first taste of a “Post-PC” world, where their ability to connect to each other and to their favorite online services is mobile. They are beginning to experience entertainment, contextual information & personal interactions through natural interfaces that are not just “tiny screened PCs”. Multi-sensor devices and The Internet of Things will provide the hardware foundation for true mobile operating systems. Their most engaging sense, vision, will also experience a new natural interface, as content is placed in the world, in a truly believable manner.







Rainforest is QA (quality assurance) as a service. We are building a single dashboard for software testing. Testing is a serious problem; all software needs to be tested, but existing solutions are all human-powered, making them expensive, slow and complex. Continuous deployment is exacerbating this problem. We are making testing simple, fast and cheap.




Mobile Mantra Inc.

Mobile Mantra reaches out to the rapidly growing Mobile community by connecting individuals to local businesses and brands through a proprietary ASP-based service known as Mobile Mantra Mobility Platform (MMMP). MMMP provides an easy-to-use tool that expedites permission-based, localized, and personalized approaches to engagement marketing. By targeting localized communities with relevant, time-sensitive, interactive web and mobile digital content, enterprises of all sizes can easily monetize and participate in new consumer purchasing trends.

Mobile Mantra allows retailers to maintain ongoing relationships with the mobile/off-site community, to build and maintain customer loyalty, and above all to increase in-store traffic by sending real-time interactive discounts and notifications. Mobile Mantra in turn, accommodates consumers with ready and relevant information about local businesses, allows them to provide feedback via Mobile Blogging and provides them with a range of on-demand discounts from their preferred local businesses to their mobile phones. Among other features, Mobile Mantra’s online platform allows consumers to schedule and broadcast personalized two-way Text and Multimedia messages to any mobile device.




As the largest Golf handicap and tournament management software provider in the country, 121 SportsNet provides state of the art software to Golf and Country Clubs to calculate handicaps, run tournaments, and manage tee times. 121 SportsNet’s proprietary First Tee Management System, Tournament Management System, and Handicap System combine with the company’s online Web Services to provide an integrated, personalized platform for golf program management and targeted advertisement. 

                                                                                   Acquired by: 



At MothersClick, we're providing new tools for all moms to safely connect online, to interact and share knowledge, and to learn from each other. By joining together, we're creating a powerful resource exclusively for mothers. A place to gather and group together with fellow moms and for special interests, like playgroups and co-ops. A place to mix and mingle and make new friends. A place to ask questions and find answers, tapping into the collective wisdom of our own community. A place for organizing and managing activities and events. A place that's private and secure for every group, but still offers the opportunity to reach out to each other. A place where information flows freely, across the web, across the world.

Acquired by: Lifetime Networks

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Time Sight Systems                                                                                                                  

Time Sight Systems provides state of the art Storage Management for Video Surveillance Applications. Blends enterprise concepts of ILM with video surveillance to address one of the industry’s thorniest problems. Only Time Sight Systems allows to capture at the highest resolution,  Storage for extended periods at lower resolution/higher compression and for offsite storage of video to become a reality. Time Sight`s biggest sustainable competitive advantage is their ability to compress video over time according to business rules. Time Sight System provides total Video Lifecycle Management. 

TimeSight Systems™ Wins Security Industry Association’s Best Video Device Award at 2009 ISC West New Product Showcase                                                                                                                            







rVita is the next generation community health portal with reputed (r) knowledge (veda) on alternative medicine remedies. rVita brings consumers, alternative and western medicine providers and herb companies together to bring preventive and remedial cares to the mainstream.
rVita contains easy- to-understand and medically reviewed content on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Naturopathic Medicine. rVita starts at common conditions and lists multiple alternative remedies with user and western medicine feedback on what works. Once the consumer has made an informed decision on remedy, rVita then can connect the consumer with local providers. 

                                                                                                       Acquired by:


NexTier Networks Inc.

NexTier™ Networks, Inc. is an early stage startup that is building next generation technology and solutions for enterprise data/information security & access management – a proven market with compelling growth characteristics. nexTier™ Networks is building next generation software appliance that enables “Total Security” against theft and misuse of Unstructured & Semi-structured mission critical data and applications in the enterprise. nexTier™ Networks' patent pending technology and product address key issues and limitations in the existing Information Classification/Discovery & Data Theft Prevention solutions for Enterprise and Service Provider networks at significant cost savings.


iNeedMD develops and markets medical device solutions that enable individuals and their healthcare partners to easily acquire, store and export health- and wellness-related data in convenient, portable platforms. The Company has built a balanced portfolio of intellectual property and has already commercialized The EKG Glove™, an FDA-cleared and CE-marked disposable medical device that can help bring diagnostic cardiology to the masses.


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Pooch Inc. was founded in 2005 by Marjorie Scholtz and a small group of people with a love for making things that inspire the imagination. To our delight, we imagined a new world of fashion and furnishing for pets that did not exist.

POOCH has inspired us to travel the globe, breaking new ground in catalog and web design. Most significant of all, finding producers, designers, partners and customers with inspiration to design, create and covet beautiful products for pets. These producers, partners and customers are our soul mates on this wondrous journey to innovate and enjoy a new era of pet product design.
Over the last two years, we have carefully selected producers and designers of pet products with an eye for craftsmanship, the smallest details, and that certain something that makes each item you find in our stores and website more than novelty but a personal discovery.

Our furnishings, apparel, and accessories for your pet are always in flux. So is our world. Our hope at POOCH is to share with you in the breathtaking possibility of it all.

SDK BioTechnologies

SDK BioTechnologies is developing enabling, high value added solutions for pre-clinical research and clinical diagnostics through the integration of innovative design, advanced materials and outstanding engineering. The main product is a new platform for multiplex binding assays that solves the reagents cross-reactivity issue. SDK’s technology will shorten the development time, improve the efficiency and lower the price per data point of present and future medical tests.




Websites, videos, images, contacts, emails, ims and documents are searchable. Why is it that our most important way of communicating, VOICE communications, are not? VoiceBase is here to change that. By utilizing the microphones we all are carrying around in cell phones, laptops and mp3 players. We bring web accessible storage, transcription, search-by-content, retrieval, interaction and sharing to personal voice communications.





NoiseToys Inc.

NoiseToys makes mobile content sharing fun. By utilizing game mechanics with social sharing, NoiseToys creates new ways for users to engage with content.


  Co-Investors:                                                                                             Acquired by:



Bartab enables virtual gifting of real products through social media. It minimize friction associated with long-distance gift giving. It is one-stop shop for online gifting!

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